Horsham Lacrosse Club will provide the youth of both Hatboro Borough and Horsham Township with an affordable opportunity to have fun while learning the skills, teamwork, and the sportsmanship that is part of the Lacrosse Tradition, and act as a feeder pro

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Please select the appropriate registration form for your child's grade, and have your Visa or MasterCard, and your player's insurance information, available.

The first time you register on our site, you will be asked to create an email ID; a password will be sent to you via e-mail.


Once you receive it, you can log onto the system, and then provide family contact information.  This step is necessary to secure your data.  You will then register your player by completing the form, and then click "Submit".  For subsequent registrations (either another player or another season), the system will remember your family information, making future registrations a snap.

US Lacrosse membership verification is included as part of our online registration process.  If your player's US Lacrosse membership is due to expire before 6/15/2019, the membership will be updated, and the renewal fee added to your shopping cart at checkout.

A few things to consider when completing your registration form:

  • If you would like to receive text messages on your cell phone for last minute practice or game changes, please be sure to enter your cell phone number, AND select your cell phone provider in the "Provider" drop down box.  If you do not select a provider, the system assumes you do not want to receive these last-minute text notifications.
  • Be sure and check the appropriate boxes if you wish to receive e-mail reminders of practices and games.
  • We offer a sibling discount for each additional younger player in one family; the system will automatically calculate the discount. You must register your oldest child first, then the next oldest, etc.
  • For families facing financial hardship, please contact us for consideration.

Please contact us at FEEDBACK FORM if you have any questions about our program or our online registration process.